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No More Flat Feet - Berna, Brau, Debord & Wolman

Position of the Lettrist International


Formulary for a New Urbanism - Chtcheglov

To Have Done With the Comforts of Nihilism


Response to the question: "Does thought enlighten both us and our actions with the same indifference as the sun, or what is our hope, and what is its value?

Potlatch 1

Potlatch 2

Potlatch 3

Potlatch 4

Potlatch 5

Potlatch 6

Potlatch 7

Potlatch 8

Potlatch 9-10-11

The Most Unshakeable of Colonies

The General Line - Bernstein, Dahou, Véra & Wolman

Summary 1954 - Debord & Fillon

Architecture for Life - Jorn


Square des Missions Étrangères - Bernstein

Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography - Debord

Architecture and Play

Why Lettrism? - Debord & Wolman

Potlatch 23

An Intelligent View of the Avant-Garde at the End of 1955


The Form of a City Changes More Quickly

A User’s Guide to Détournement - Debord & Wolman

The First Stone Falls - Dahou

Toward a Lettrist Lexicon

Address by the Lettrist International Delegate to the Alba Conference of September 1956 - Wolman

Failure of the Marseille Exhibition

The Alba Platform

Theory of the Dérive - Debord

Two Accounts of the Dérive - Debord