Extraordinary and Eclectic Distance and Distributed Learning Library


The Extraordinary and Eclectic Distance and Distributed Learning Library (EEDDLL) is a research resource for scholars, critics and researchers who are interested in the questions raised by technology and education as well as distance and distributed learning. As one node on the net, the EEDDLL was launched with its initial set of holdings in June 2000. It also, however, invites everyone who uses its resources to submit recommendations for additional links, bibliographies, and texts that this site should archive. As a project of the Virginia Tech Cyberschool, the EEDDLL is committed to an open consideration of distance and distributed learning. Voices from vehement critics of, true believers in, and cautious exponents for online teaching and learning all can be heard here.

In keeping with the characteristics of computer mediated communication, the EEDDLL will change continuously. Its purpose is to support on-going research and critical debate about the educational process online. Most of its current holdings are either online texts or site addresses, but hypermedia acquisitions will also be accepted. Similarly, we begin with mostly anglophone material. Nonetheless, the EEDDLL will actively seek out and archive non-anglophone materials on distance and distributed learning as it develops its collections.

The digital environment permits producers to be consumers, and consumers to become producers. Use these resources, link to them in your own teaching and research, and add to the collection to benefit everyone who uses it. With the support of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Institute of Distance and Distributed Learning, the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture will maintain the EEDDLL for its users as long as they find it provides a comprehensive set of research resources. And, like the Cyberschool faculty members at Virginia Tech, who have tested new techniques for online education in the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1995, the EEDDLL welcomes the extraordinary, the eclectic, and the experimental in its directories of digital discourse.

Founded June 2000

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