Papers, Lectures and Articles

Bass, Randy, Learning & Technology: Six Connections --

Bates, Dr. A.W., Restructuring the University for Technological Change --

Beller, Michael, Ph.D, Integrating Technology into Distance Teaching at The Open University of Israel --

Berge, Zane L. and Lynne Schrum, Linking Strategic Plannng with Program Implementation for Distance Education --

Davis, Edward L. III, The Future of Education --

Doctoral Research in Educational Technology: A Directory of Dissertations, 1977-2000 --

Dodge, Bernie M., Distance Learning on the World Wide Web --

Essays on the Philosophy of Technology --

Greenberber, Martin, The Computers of Tomorrow --

Ikenberry, Stanley O., Technology Is Forcing Colleges to Redefine Their Purpose, Ikenberry Says --

Koning, Hans, Notes on the Twentieth Century --

Lawler, John M., Metaphors We Compute By --

November, Alan, Beyond Technology: The End of the Job and the Beginning of Digital Work --

Pass, Natalie A., et al., Distance Education and Development of the Negev --

Higher Education & National Affairs, American Council on Education - Colleges Must Work to End "Digital Divide," Panelists Say, 4/3/00 Vol. 49, No. 6 --

London, Scott, TELEDEMOCRACY VS. DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY: A Comparative Look at Two Models of Public Talk --

Prophets of the Computer Age - Atlantic Unbound --

Putnam, Robert D., The Strange Disappearance of Civic America - The American Prospect --

Reibel, Joshua H. and Ben D. Wood, The Institute for Learning Technologies: Pedagogy for the 21st Century --

Ritchie, Don, Technology, Leadership & Efficacy --

Roberts, Peter, Scholarly Publishing, Peer Review and the Internet --

Rose, David and Anne Meyer, The Future is in the Margins: The Role of Technology and Disability in Educational Reform --

Schank, Roger, Extracurriculars as the Curriculum: A Vision of Education for the 21st Century --

Seven Papers Relating To Teaching Online --

Science and Engineering Indicators: 2000, Chapter 9, Significance of Information Technologies --

Technology Digital Culture - Atlantic Unbound --

Truman, Barbara E., Distance Education in Post Secondary Institutions and Business --

Turkle, Sherry - Seeing Through Computers: Education in a Culture of Simulation - The American Prospect --

Veenema, Shirley and Howard Gardner, Multimedia and Multiple Intelligences - The American Prospect --

Willis, Jerry, Section Editor - Distance Education --

Willis, Jerry and Kathy Rosa, Theory --

Young, Jefffrey R., Academic-Technology Group Offers to Oversee '.edu' Domain on Internet - Chronicle of Higher Education --

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