[35]Larsen, D. I'm Simply Saying, 2004. <http://www.deenalarsen.net/simply/> (aesthetic)

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I'm Simply Saying uses both striking anchors and hidden anchors. The striking anchors are at first the same color as the main text, but are still quite different: the anchors are in Comic Sans to evoke handwriting. The nonanchoral text is in Courier to evoke typewriters to interleaf the commentaries of a person's thoughts with the silences of a machine. As readers mouse over the anchors, the nonanchoral text melts away into the background, leaving the anchoral text to provide a second layer of reading. Thus the main text fades into lesser significance.

Like Doonesbury [64], and Cooperstown [6], the anchors use sound. Unlike these, and like The Rainbow Factory [22], the sound continues during the actions triggered from the anchors.

The file also uses " easter egg" anchors to provide a corner commentary on the work. These corners use a lower, more threatening sound than the striking anchors, imparting a more hidden level of understanding.

Work included by permission