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International Conference on e-Governance

10-12 December 2003, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

This conference is scheduled to provide an opportunity of sharing the research findings and learning from the current experiments of e-government. Participants are expected from every parts of the world including: Faculty / Scientists, University students, Private sector executive (solution providers), Government officers and NGO / community volunteers.


The 3rd International Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development

3-5 March 2004, United Nations Economic Commission For Africa, Int'l Agency For Economic Development, UNESCO, Kenya, The Electronic Community, Accra, Ghana

The three-day conference will explore how information and communications technologies may be employed to promote economic development.  Conference activities will include, panel discussions, keynotes, roundtables, workshops, exhibits of best practices, models, lessons learned etc.



EGOV 03: Second e-Gov Conference - From e-Government to e-Governance

1-5 September 2003, Prague, Czech Republic

The EGOV Conferences intend to assess the state of the art in E-Government and to provide guidance for research & development in this fast-moving field. The annual conferences bring together leading research experts and professionals from all over the globe. EGOV03 in Prague will build on the success of the 1st EGOV Conference (Aix-en-Provence, 2002), which provided an illustrative overview of E-Government activities, with nearly 80 contributions and more than 20 European projects funded by the IST Programme of the European Commission.


Public Administration and Globalization: Challenges, Opportunities and Options  (Session on Globalization and Information Technology)

5-10 October 2003, New Delhi, India

Information technology may enable people to access more information that could be valuable in their decision making process. Information and communication technology can open new doors for developing countries, giving them the capacity to cope with the demands of the global community. It can help the government improve its methods of operation in providing public services. Public administration must also analyze the downside of ICT such as aggravating the digital divide and over dependence in technology


World Summit on E-Government

27-30 October2003, Tokyo

As one of the highlight activities of the ongoing APEC-ITU project "e-university in HRD for e-government", Waseda University will organize the World Summit on E-Government in Tokyo in October 27-30,2003. At the same occasion, the conference will demonstrate new interactive global collaboration among government, industry and university, as strategic networking partners in ICT.


The workshop will examine three primary facets of new ICTs and e-government: 1) The most common, generic difficulties with the development of e-government in the world; 2) The response of the emerging ICTs to these specific difficulties; and 3) The future of ICT and where the trends are going to bring us 10 - 20 years from now. Initiative is conceived and managed by:


Vikas Nath

Inlaks Fellow (2000-1), London School of Economics, UK

Founder, Initiative


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