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Localised E-Governance Tool Kit 

MYTH : E-Governance Models are all about Technology, Computers and Expensive Equipments.

REALITY : E-Governance Models are about motivated individuals/ organisations, creative and strategic use of information, and  innovatively using the right media for communication. 

Digital Governance aims to start up a Process Tool Kit which would provide access to low-cost tools and methods, and decentralised expertise to create/ support emerging e-Governance models in South.  The Process -oriented toolkit would be a one stop place for Step- by- Step methods, basic Dos and Don'ts, and key lessons in setting up of e-governance models. This is an OPEN SOURCE VOLUNTARY PROCESS and we are looking for people who could provide us with their ideas, experiences and expertise, and who would be willing to help us devise this toolkit. 

Please help us spread the word around about this upcoming toolkit  so that both users and compilers (who could also be users themselves!) of toolkit could participate in the early process of Toolkit Development. 

If you are interested in getting more details or have some questions or would like to extend your support, ideas and motivation, then please write to me at or at 

Watch out this space for low-cost, practical models of Initiating E-governance models in South. 


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Vikas Nath, Innovator, Digital Governance and KnowNet Initiative

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