Digital Work CyberTrends

Professor John M. McCann

Fuqua School of Business
Duke University

This document contains a list of trends I have identified based upon quotes from managers, professionals, consultants, journalists, futurists, and educators who study the ways we will work in the digital age. I have grouped them the following topic areas. Click on a topic to jump to the corresponding section of the document.

Work in Cyberspace

Rise of the Personal Virtual Workspace

Rise of the American Perestroika

The Demise of the Job

Rise of Entreployees

Rise of the Movable Job

Demise of the Department

Rise of the Project

Demise of the Hierarchy

Rise of Multimedia in Corporations

Big Business in Your Little PC

Rise of the Digital Wealthy

Devolution of Large Entities

Rise of the Individual

Rise of the Video Communications

Rise of Internet Collaboration

Rise of the Virtual Office

Rise of Soft Factories

Dematerialization of Manufacturing

Put Your Knowledge to Work

Rise of New Organizational Structures

Demise of the Branch

Rise of Document-centric Computing

Rise of Intranet

Rise of Knowledge Worker Hell

Rise of a New Life in the Web

Rise of Business Ecosystems

Death of Competition

Rise of New Industry Definitions

Rise of Intellectual Mobility

Rise of the Internet Job Engine

Rise of Coordination-Intensive Business Structures

Rise of the Internetworked Business

Rise of Global Networks

Rise of Globalization

Rise of the Underdeveloped

Rise of Free Agent, USA

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