Finance led growth after-Fordism:
Observations on Boyer R (2000)
Is a finance-led growth regime a viable
alternative to Fordism? A preliminary analysis
Economy and Society 29, 111-145

Adam Tickell

Department of Geography
University of Southampton


In my discipline, and it is not alone, we have become used to French thinkers setting the intellectual pace. So be it. It is, for me at least, extremely welcome to see a return to form from people who engage with the concrete world in an attempt to understand the conditions for macro-economic stability and crisis. I don’t want to repeat Karel Williams’ (2000) intervention but I do believe that this is a very significant intervention. If the French regulationists had a robust - though inevitably partial - analysis of the emergence and contradictions of the Fordist boom, they remained relatively silent as their work began to be adopted, bastardised and transformed out of all recognition into tendentious and/or self-serving analyses which claimed to have identified a post-Fordist, or flexibly specialised, or Toyota-ist, or after-Fordist, or whatever regime of accumulation which had a capacity for self-reproduction analogous to that of Fordism.

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Finance led growth after-Fordism:
Observations on Boyer R (2000)

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