From Localities via theSpatial
Turn to Spatio-Temporal Fixes

Robert Jessop


The primary focus of my work for the past thirty years has been the critique of political economy. This has involved working on the economy, the political, and, most importantly, the strategic coordination and structural coupling of the economic and political. The significance of place, space, and scale in my approach to these concerns has grown during this period, especially in the last ten years. This has occurred in response to three interrelated sets of influences: first, changes in theoretical objects as I have moved backwards and forwards from relatively abstract-simple issues to more concrete-complex ones; second, methodological shifts in the social sciences that have impacted on my understanding of these objects and/or the real world; and, third, objective changes in the natural and social worlds themselves that have prompted a search for concepts to grasp their historical and/or spatial specificity.

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Article on From Localities via the Spatial Turn to
             Spatio-Temporal Fixes

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